Jim & Sandy

Jim and Sandy have worked with couples for many years to ensure that they could wed on the basis of love and each of their faiths skirting any other issues. With devoted love as a core, couples deserve a life together.
The story that Jim and Sandy share makes them a great example of how love for one another overcomes anything the world has as an impediment.
They are a wonderfully strong couple clearly dedicated to one another and to God.

Sand Ceremony
Sand Ceremony
Candle Ceremony
Candle Ceremony

Love above all


Hand in Hand

Walk with one another



Keep your eyes open for signs



Both here on earth and with divine guidance

Customer Testimonials


Henry McDonald
New York, NY

“I’d gone back to college to finish my MBA, but couldn’t find work with the recession in place. I was tired of doing temp work and anything else I had to do to keep the bills paid. I remembered one of the writers at The Write Stuff speaking at my college, and I reached out. I found a project that’s been a bridge to my current position in a Fortune 500 company.”


Gene Nguyen
Jacksonville, FL

“After doing a bit of searching, we were certain that we’d never find a copywriter capable of producing content for what we do. We stumbled upon The Write Stuff and they were able to find us a writer that knows as much about our industry as we do. Amazing!”


Jordan Murphy
Houston, TX

“I wasn’t able to keep up with my company’s marketing as I was aging, but I still wasn’t ready to hang up my hat and just retire. Marie recruited me from a networking contact and I’ve been able to put my 20 years’ copywriting experience to use for many new companies on my schedule and my time limitations.”


Allison Morgan
Los Angeles, CA

“I was working at a Wall Street firm when my daughter was born with special needs, requiring much more of my time than my job would permit. A friend of mine knew Janet and hooked us up, and now I can still have my dream job while raising my kids. The Write Stuff was the perfect answer to my family’s needs.”