Your Ideal Wedding :: Traditional Hispanic Ceremony

Traditional Hispanic Ceremony

Las Arras:

Loving God, we ask You to bless these coins that Anthony will place in the hands of Rosemarie. We ask You to bless them abundantly.

Groom: Rosemarie, receive these coins, as a sign of God's blessing and whatever we have will be ours to share.

Bride: Anthony, I receive these coins you place in my hands, as a sign of God's blessings and my promise to use these blessings for our well-being.

El Lasso:

Anthony and Rosemarie, we place this lasso over you as a sign of your true love that will unite forever in a permanent and loving marriage. Remember always the sanctity of your marriage, as a sign of God's love for you and your family.

Lord's Prayer: Hold hands

Unity Candle: Lit by Rosemarie and Anthony

La Virgen de Guadalupe la entrega del ramo